Burning Questions eBook


// 76 page pdf, collected newsletters by James and Laura Victore, illustrations by James Victore //
Three years ago when my wife suggested we do a weekly video series to help inspire and motivate our audience I thought “Excellent! Now, who do we get to play me?” This of course was my fear speaking for me.
A hundred plus videos later, I’m still astonished that people from around the world tune in every Tuesday to hear me answer their burning questions and offer my hard-won advice. It’s an honor and pleasure. BQ has been a labor of love, and the fan mail we get is nothing short of extraordinary. 
As the subscribers to our newsletter know, each weekly episode is supplemented with a written text and some imagery to drive home the theme of the day. Having written hundreds of these letters, Laura and I thought it might be nice to have our favorites gathered together so you could read them all in one go.
Thanks for being part of our journey, we hope we have helped you along yours.
Have an opinion.
Love something other than yourself.
Make work that matters.