Celebrate Columbus


James Victore's first poster. This image was a street poster protesting the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America and the subsequent genocide of native Americans. The original of this poster is housed in museums around the world as well as the Museum of Modern Art, NYC.

"Celebrate Columbus came from my own desires and frustrations as a designer to use my abilities to comment on the news, society and culture,. I had no idea what I was getting into. I just wanted to make a statement with a poster. I used my rent money to print and wheat paste 1,500 posters around NYC. Thus began an obsession with posters and a bad business plan.

The one story I have never told about this period of my life was the eviction notices. Every few months, the doorbell would ring and waiting downstairs was a man in a suit. "You are served." was his only line as he handed me an eviction notice. These legal notices were proof of my conviction— the price I had to pay to make posters. My girlfriend at the time did not like the idea of getting eviction notices. She, too was the price of my freedom.


Museum quality Epson print on enhanced matte cover stock. Printed with archival inks. Matte finish.

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