The Secret of the Universe


The Secret of the Universe 11" X 14" print ready for framing. Printed on a 44-inch SureColor P9000 with all-new Epson UltraChrome® HDX 10-Color pigment ink. Fade resistant up to 200 years.

You want answers.
I want answers. We’re all searching for the answers to success, money and excellence. We even seek guidance from heroes, people further on-down-the-road than us. We read their books, go to their seminars and buy their videos. Seeking help is good, but success is only measured in hindsight which means that everyone— including our heroes— is making it up as they go along. They can share what’s worked for them in the past, but what’s really worked for them is their perseverance, their ability to face their fears and having balls. Mostly having balls.

Nobody has THE answer. And further, nobody has YOUR answer. You can ask, you can follow, you can even emulate the “26 Zen Morning Habits of Ultra Successful People” but ultimately you have to find your own magic mojo ninja moves. You have to do the work, take the chances, accept the challenges and trust your gut. No one has the key to your success but you— because the secret of the Universe is that nobody knows shit.

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